Playmats Gallery

Playmat prices vary depending on size (please check in the photo caption) plus p+h (see Production and Shipping for further information).  Orders for items in stock can be placed via the Contact Page or in a PM to the Mushiyaki Sews Facebook Page.

These lovelies have cotton print fronts with luxuriously soft minky backings and a layer of batting in between for some extra warmth and softness when your little person starts exploiting (did I say exploiting? Exploring, I meant exploring. Honestly. Darn auto correct) the world around them.  One small roll for babykind…

Versatile as well, Mushiyaki Sews playmats can also double as a warm as toast blanket in the pram on those biting winter days or as a snuggly toddler blankie.

Find out what’s in stock now – check out the piccies below!