Mushiyaki Sews is a small handmade business I started late in 2015 making items for your littles.

I am a work at home mum, currently hanging out with my little dude and sewing when I can (note, toddlers aren’t too keen on their number one playmate sewing whilst they’re awake…).  The current product range includes “Funk-tional” Feed Bibs, Bandana Bibs, Embellished Organic Singlets, Flannelette Swaddles, Playmats, Taggies, Pom Pom Garlands and Mini Canvases.  For more information on these items, please see the Products tab.  I am also open to custom orders.

I tried the whole “return to work” schtick just after my little guy turned one.  Seems it wasn’t for me – I think I just did it because I thought it was “the done thing”, plus the little guy did not take to daycare kindly.  Who was I kidding – I had bigger fish to fry than the 9-5 grind (thankfully my very supportive Manager at the time agreed) and I once again left the “regular” workforce to go back to the 24/7 Mum workforce.  Whilst I truly believe being at home with my little dude is the best thing for our family, I also needed something for myself.  Hence, Mushiyaki Sews was born.

Why Mushiyaki?  There’s a uni story behind that – frantic last minute group assignment completing, leading to much brain deadness and incoherent mumblings between uni friends…  Completely plausible, right? Totes.

For more information on the lovingly handmade products available, please click on the Products menu.