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Why So Serious… Actually, Impatient.

Oh hey you lovely, fabulous, wonderful peeps!  Hope you’re having a super awesome day.

This morning I was doing the usual school run. Mr 5 was riding his bike and I was running with Mr 1 in the Croozer.  I’ve only recently started letting Mr 5 ride across quiet roads.  For busy ones, I still ask him to hop off his bike and walk it across.

Anyhoo, this morning we were checking for cars on a quiet, but somewhat tricky, road (there is a convergence of a few roads).  An elderly gentleman in a car about to turn into the road kindly tried to wait for us and wave us across.  However as there was another car travelling down the road I smiled my thanks but indicated we would continue to wait.

Whilst this was occurring, the car behind the elderly gentleman was so impatient they started tooting their horn and then attempted to drive around him – at an intersection onto another road!!! 😵😵😵 #whyjustwhy

I mean, that extra 30 seconds you had to wait.  Sheesh.  Must’ve been excruciating.

I wonder, is this a product of the “I must have it now” modern society?  As The Black Eyed Peas sang “I waaaaaant it NOW!”. If waiting half a minute at an intersection got you going crazy, I’d hate to see you trying to navigate traffic in peak hour…

So my kindest thanks to the gentleman that showed us patience and generosity.  We need more of that getting around.

I’d love to hear if you have shared a similar experience!

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