Lookin’ out my back door…


We. Are. Back.  Yes, after six months on the road we returned home approximately four weeks ago and its fair to say we’re still getting our home groove back on.  So far we’ve managed to survive Hubster returning to work and Mr 4 1/2 starting Pre Primary!!  Yikes.

Our #familytravellingadventure was fabulous.  Of course there were moments where we all got a little snippy, but on the whole it truly was an amazing experience.  I had lofty plans to post a weekly blog update on our travels, however this morphed into detailed Facebook updates and lots of Instagram pics.  Keep an eye out though – I’ll be doing a few travel throwback blogs!

For now its all about getting back into the swing of home life, reviving this poor neglected website and making plans for Mushiyaki Sews in 2018.  Have a fabulous week and if you’re travelling, let us know where you are in the comments below x

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