Mushiyaki Says

And the Mushiyaki Sews Shop is LIVE!

Hello!!  Happy Friday!!

I hope you’re having a fabulous week.  The weather remains beautiful over here in Perth – sunny days and not too cool nights.  Its hard to believe Winter is just around the corner…

But enough of the weather!  Something super exciting happened at Mushiyaki Sews today – you can now get your hot little hands on Mushiyaki Sews handmade lovelies directly via the website shop.  Hurrah!!!!  I’ve been plugging away (geddit? Cos I needed extra plug ins??) behind the scenes to get this happening for quite some time now – story of a #wahmlife right there.

So please, check out the new Shop Page and let me know what you think!!  Don’t forget, custom orders are also welcome, drop a line via the Contact Page and we can discuss xx

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