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Wow.  The last four months have flown by.  We welcomed baby boy into the world on 7 March.  He’s a lovely lad and a pretty chilled baby.  That could also reflect the much more relaxed approach of hubster and I second time round too…

Sew (see what I did there?!?), what have we been up to?  Well, not much sewing that’s for shiz! I took Maternity Leave from Mushiyaki Sews for three months and then had a big sale all through June for in stock items.  Its been family focus really, getting to know Baby Boy, helping Mr 4 adjust to an expanded family unit, getting organised for our big #familytravellingadventure  Say what?  Yep, in case you missed the Facebook updates, we are just starting out on a six month adventure travelling around the top of Oz!

So, you know, its been a little busy and I haven’t had much time for blogging #sorrynotsorry

I am keen to blog about our adventures though and for the remainder of 2017 the Mushiyaki Says blog will be focused on that with a sprinkle of handmade action if I find some cool handmade stuff and things on our travels.

I wrote this sitting in the sun at the Woody Head campground in New South Wales.  Baby Boy was snoozing in the carrier while hubster and Mr 4 explored the rock pools on the beach.  Tough life eh?

So now we’ve had a little ketchup about where things are at and where they’re going, I’ll leave you with this: make your opportunities and take them – who knows, you might end up cramming a family of four into a campervan and taking off on an adventure…

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