Mushiyaki Says

Lessons Learnt

We started this #familytravellingadventure gig for reals a couple of weeks ago.  Day 1 we were already learning things!  Such as:

  • Things always take longer than you think (a lesson we have learnt before but it popped up again!)
  • We need to be a little more on point with packing the car and campervan – having snacks and an essentials lunch kit within easy reach is a priority
  • We need to be militant about where items are in the camp set up otherwise its chaos…

But hey, we did pretty well on Day 1 – travelled from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay for a (somewhat) quick lunch stop (see lessons learnt point 2) and then onto Woody Head Camping Ground.  The kids were troopers!  Baby Boy slept for both car legs and Mr 4 was happy looking out the window and only requested electronic entertainment towards the end of the second car leg.

No doubt we’ll settle into our camping rhythm in a few weeks…

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