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Camping Ketchups

First stop on our “Big Camping Trip” was Boreen Point Campground. We had a lovely few days there catching up with old friends. Walks on the lakeside beach, shared meals and a spot of fishing made for a pretty relaxed time.
Then we headed up to Inskip Point for an overnighter before catching the ferry across to Fraser Island. On our way to the ferry, we got bogged. Sooooo bogged. It’s a thing, getting bogged at Inskip Point. There’s even a dedicated Facebook page on it! After we buried a set of Maxtracks (found those suckers under two foot of sand later) a kind stranger spent the next hour helping to get us out.
We finally made the ferry and headed across to Fraser. After our inauspicious start we were all a bit flat, but we made it to our campground without further issue. Highlights of Fraser: the Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie and seeing dingos in the wild. Lowlights: smashing our trailer plug connection, denting Clyde and breaking our stone gaurds whilst 4WD-ing. Plus having to constantly tell Mr 4 “just walking”. Running is not recommended on Fraser due to said dingos in the wild’s love of chasing and attempting to catch things on the run.
Probably not my favourite part of our journey so far. I think it would be much easier with older kids…
We departed Fraser and headed to Burrum Coast National Park for another camping ketchup. Great few days kicking back, building sandcastles, walking on the beach and fishing. The only downside – we all got HAMMERED by midgies. At least 60 bites each. Eeeeeeek!
Some lovely times with friends though.

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