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WAHM Life Rollercoaster

Working at home with the kid(s).  Sounds good in theory doesn’t it?  Manage your own hours, be your own boss, start an empire…  Then all those lofty ambitions come crashing down when you realise you do have a boss.  A very demanding, needy, bossy (and lovable) boss: your child(ren).  Not to mention the countless distractions of washing, cleaning the house, looking after your pets (if you have any – not including your child…), daytime TV, yada, yada, yada.

Sound familiar?  I feel like there are weeks where I am all over it like a frog in a sock and I’m creating and achieving and keeping my three gazillion social media accounts up to date and I am an accomplished WAHM/girlboss/mumprenuer/ass kicking CEO/insert your favourite title here.  Then it all comes crashing down the following week and I’m drowning in ten tonnes of washing, a pile of snotty tissues and a toddler who has suddenly reverted to the separation anxiety phase and needs Mummy to be right there all the time and forget about dropping me off at pre kindy Mum!  And hey, look, I get it, the kids are only young once and lets enjoy this time and all that.  Yup, I’m onto that, thanks.  But sometimes it is just a teeny bit frustrating when things are ticking along really nicely and then its all on a downhill slide and I’m lucky to even look sideways at my sewing machine and I just know I’ll be pulling a looooong night at the sewing machine the day before my next market…

This gig is hard.  Back in the days when I went into an office I never really appreciated how good it was to have a “controlled” working environment.  One where I really could plan out my day and actually achieve the vast majority of my to do list all whilst having the added bonus of choosing when to go to the toilet.  Alone.  Without being given six requests for something to eat and can you look at me and watch what my Monster Truck is doing and pretend to be a crab?

In saying all that, I’m not ready to return to the office either.  Tried that.  Not so much for me and our (now) Mr 3.  My focus and priorities have definitely shifted to the little dude, so I guess I’ll just keep plugging away over here trying to sew whilst playing a Monster Truck pretend game and trying to keep sticky little hands off my precious material and away from pins and super sharp scissors.  Ha, who am I kidding?  The sewing machine probably won’t even get turned on until after Mr 3 is tucked up in bed and my eyeballs are just about falling out of my skull.

What’s your method for keeping on track with your business whilst also trying to keep the kids alive and the household running in a somewhat functional manner?

4 thoughts on “WAHM Life Rollercoaster

  1. Oh my goodness I totally agree with this! I recently launched my own blog and business (separate) with a now 4-month old. I started it because he had been sleeping great during the day and had some time up my sleeve (ha!). As soon as I launched my business he had an off week with early teething and minimal sleep. So much for all that ‘free time’! I haven’t got a method yet cause I just started, but I try to maximise the time he is asleep, or when hubby gets home I pass bubs onto him and start working on my blog and business!
    Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job Mumma/bosslady!!

  2. I know how you feel but just keep doing what you’re doing. ..I’ve no words of wisdom, some weeks work and some just don’t but 8n the scheme of life it really is a few short years xx

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