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To comment or not to comment…

We’ve all done it.  Commented on someone’s pregnancy in what we thought was a fairly innocuous way, or, gasp, some have made the disastrous faux pas of congratulating someone incorrectly.   Now there’s a pregnant pause…

So, what is it about pregnancy comments?  Honestly, the best policy is just follow the pregnant person’s lead.  And in cases where you’re unsure – silence is the Golden Rule!  Trust me, there’s nothing worse than loudly congratulating someone only to see them wilt before you and mumble I’m not pregnant or alternatively give you a loud public bollocking about keeping your mouth shut on matters you know nothing about.  Thankfully the one time I came close to asking someone when I was unsure, I took the far safer route of asking a mutual friend what the go was.  Thank god I did as there was no pregnancy but a medical issue causing weight gain.  Phew.

And in all honesty, its not that exciting when you are happily espousing your pregnant status to someone and they say “Oh, but you’re so small!” or “Oh, you don’t even look pregnant!”  Yeah, nah.  That is not an actual compliment.  Trust me on this as a currently pregnant woman who is very much feeling a size difference despite being told otherwise…  Where’s the “Oh, you’re glowing!” and “Oh, you look so radiantly pregnant!” compliments hey?  Or maybe something not quite so OTT would suffice…

Let’s face it, with all those extra pregnancy hormones zooming around the expectant mama’s body and making her think and do all kinds of seemingly odd things to the uninitiated, pregnancy “compliments” (or not) are a minefield.  Just go with whatever the actual pregnant person is feeling/saying (unless of course they are heavily demeaning or belittling themselves, in which case try your best to pep them up and offer support).

Clear as mud?  Great.  Go forth and converse sensibly with pregnant people everywhere!

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