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The lure of the fabric (or craft) shop…

Oh my. So many fabrics.  So many trims.  So many bibs and bobs and doovalackeys…  Oh yes, the wonderous world that is the fabric shop.  There’s something about going in and just reveling in all the possibilities.  Projects in planning, projects not yet started, projects that mere moments before weren’t even on your radar…

I could spend hours just wandering around, browsing, touching, comparing, thinking, considering.  Its probably a good thing I’m usually accompanied by Mr 3 these days who doesn’t share my endless enthusiasm for trawling through fabric!  I just don’t get the same experience shopping online.  Not that amazing fabric can’t be found online, it surely can, its more everything that goes along with physically being in a fabric or craft shop.  You just can’t recreate that on a website.

What’s your favourite “making” related shop to explore?  Do you lose yourself in there even when you say to yourself “I’ll just pop in quickly to get x,y,z”?


2 thoughts on “The lure of the fabric (or craft) shop…

  1. I have the same issue with the bead shop. It is much safer for the bank balance to take the children with you! Although I just can’t understand why they don’t love it as much as us?!?!

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