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The Great Nappy Debate

One of the (numerous) decisions you’ll need to make as a parent is about nappies.  There are two main options: disposables or modern cloth nappies (MCNs), also known as reusable nappies.  Of course, you can also still purchase old school terry towelling square cloth nappies and these days there are biodegradable disposable nappies available.  Plus, you might consider a mix of reusable and disposable, for various reasons.

MCN vs Disposable
MCN vs Disposable (image credit: Jo Jo Nappies)

So, what’s the big deal about disposables?  Well, they are a massive contributor to landfill, with over 2 billion disposable nappies headed into landfill every year in Australia alone, never mind the rest of the world.  Not to mention some people’s complete disregard for the correct disposal of soiled disposable nappies – check out this article by the Keep Australia Beautiful Council – yuck!  Littering really does drive me bananas – recycle it or bin it correctly people!!

So, onto MCNs or reusable nappies.  The obvious benefit here is the fact they are reusable – TICK!  In addition, the modern design of these nappies makes them as easy to put on as a disposable using either velcro or press stud fasteners.  No pins required.  Hurray!  Now, there is clearly a little more work involved, with the nappies requiring disposal of solids in the toilet, dry pailing until you’ve got a full load, followed by washing and reassembling once dry.  And of course, the use of water and detergents to wash is a consideration too, but environmentally, cloth nappies still come out on top.

MCNs (Image credit: Green Kids Nappies)

When Mr 3 was born, we initially tried full time cloth nappy-ing, before moving to cloth nappies for daytime use and disposables at night as we just couldn’t find a suitable night time nappy solution that didn’t result in wet throughs.  We chose to use Greenkids and TotsBots nappies – both of which I would recommend as good quality and easy to use products.  We also bought a stash of terry towelling square cloth nappies – not to use as nappies, but those little beauties come in handy for burping, wiping up spills, cleaning up “accidents”…  They’re a great thing to have around.

If you do choose to cloth nappy and you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, be sure to check out the Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under Facebook Group for awesome tips on keeping your nappies clean and fresh.

What are your favourite MCNs?



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