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Sandy Shoes

So here is one of the great mysteries of the parenting world.  The amount of sand one small(ish) toddler shoe can collect and hold.  Seriously.  Mr 3 and I do quite a bit of hanging out at the beach and parks with sandpits.  I’m actually surprised there is any sand left at any of these places.  Surely it has all been collected in Mr 3’s shoes before being liberally sprinkled about our house – even after said shoes have been removed and shaken out prior to entering the house.

The offending items...
The offending items…

During the week Mr 3 and I lunched at Little Creatures as a good mate of mine was visiting from the Nation’s Capital and Little Creatures has a fantastic sandpit filled with Tonkas to amuse the littles.  Happy days.  After securing a table overlooking said sandpit, we got down to catching up and Mr 3 got down and sandy.  I must admit, he did make a super effort at collecting sand in not just his shoes that day, but also the pockets of his jeans, up his sleeves, possibly in his jocks – not surprising when you do a number of full body dives into the sand…  So on returning home, shoes, socks and jeans were removed and shaken out prior to heading inside.  Ha, I thought.  That’ll do it.

Ba-bow.  The next time those shoes were reached for and put on – out pours yet another mini mountain of sand.  Dammit.  I banged those suckers out over the balcony.  Sand went flying all over.  Yet still some clung on for dear life, waiting to reappear on the next wear.  Sneaky sand.

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