Mushiyaki Says

Puddle Jumping

What to do on a rainy Perth day?  I’d usually wimp out and either do “inside, at home” things or head to an indoor play centre, because, you know, clearly I’ll melt in the rain.

Not today.  I needed to get some bits and pieces done for Mushiyaki Sews, but Mr 3 wasn’t terribly excited about his play buddy being in work mode, so I suggested heading to the park.  Only for it to start raining five minutes later…  Never mind, I thought.  We’ll bundle up in rain coats and gumboots and head out anyway.  And I’m glad we did.  Mr 3 had a fat time jumping in puddles and getting his pants soaking wet and I quite enjoyed the mosey around the block in the rain watching him have fun.

Of course, the sun is shining now as I write this while Mr 3 gets to have some ABC Kids time!

What do you do on rainy days with little loves in tow?

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