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Market Creep

Do you market?  Many of us in the handmade space use markets as one of our key selling platforms.  As a relatively new business, I am continuing to try various markets to see if I can find the best “fit” for my products and target audience.

In the lead up to a market I try and plan extra sewing/making time into my days.  Not always easy with a little dude about but ya gotta try!  I generally feel pretty organised and prepared, until suddenly the market is looming in two days time and then I’m frantically sewing at midnight the preceding evening.  This, my friends, is what I like to term “market creep”.  Yes, I am not talking about that weird person that stands at your stall staring at you, picking things up and muttering before skulking away (although that’s a real thing too…).  No, the market creep I am discussing today is that time warp when suddenly what seemed far into the future is suddenly here and now.  Eeeek!

Maybe there’s some kind of tear in the time/space continuum that specifically focuses on markets?  Totally plausible.  Right?  Although in exciting news, for the first time EVER, I did not have any sewing to finish on the night before my last market.  I had a few sorting and packing tasks to complete, but my sewing was done.  All planned out and organised in the preceding weeks.  Thank you pre kindy and, ahem, a little extra screen time here and there for Mr 3!

How do you plan your market prep?  Do you have bags of stock ready to go weeks in advance or are you madly scrambling for the sewing machine until 2am the night before?

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