Mushiyaki Says

Hey you! Yes, you! Wash your hands!

Upfront: today’s post is a bit of a rant.  An important one, but a rant nonetheless.  Consider yourself suitably advised…

Have you ever been sitting in a public toilet, minding your own and doing what needs to be done, when you hear another cubicle door opening and then the sound of the main toilet block door opening and closing?  Wait. Something is missing here.  No little shhh-shhh of the soap pump.  No gentle burbling of the running tap water.  No whisper of paper towel being pulled out or loud whirr of hand dryers.

Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

Aaaaaaah!  They didn’t wash their hands!  Basic hygiene people, basic hygiene.  Did your mother not teach you that?  Seriously??  You go to the toilet – you wash your hands.  Should be an automatic connection there people.

Have you ever experienced this disturbing situation?  Wanted to call out: “Hey! Think you forgot something lady!”  Yep, I hear you…


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