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Chasing an early bedtime

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Do you ever say to yourself (or your other half) “Tonight I’m having an early night!”  I do, all the time, however said early night rarely eventuates…

As a WAHM there just seems to be a million and one things to get done, many of which don’t happen during the day because your little people would like to “help” and sadly their helping is not always, erm, productive…  I try and squeeze in my work while Mr 3 is having his screen time or at his pre-kindy half day once a week.  Beyond that, it doesn’t really happen unless he’s asleep and now that day naps are a thing of the past, that only leaves after he’s in bed at night time.

Somehow you’re trying to fit in hustling, making/creating, caring, cooking, cleaning, playing, administration, social media updating, food shopping and on and on and on the list goes.  No wonder there is never enough sleep to go round!  Let’s face it, once you’re a parent “tired” is the new black (including under your eyes).  Wear those bags with pride.  The Hoodoo Gurus nailed it when they sang “I’m so tired, of waking up tired…”

Tired is my new reality.  Maybe I should try and get an early night in tonight?!?!?


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