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All’s well that ends well…

So I am back!  Back from an amazing weekend away in the Hunter Valley.  Yup, remember a couple of weeks back I was heading away from Mr 3 for the FIRST TIME EVER in three years for a an old mates 40th girls weekend??  Well, I am pleased to announce that everyone survived and had a good time.  Hurrah.

After a ridiculously cute goodbye from Mr 3 at the airport – he had to run over to me as I was lining up to board the plane for “one last cuddle” (aaaawwww) and to announce to everyone at the top of his voice “I love you Mummy!” (double aaaawwww) – the weekend away officially started.  I’ll admit I had a little tear in my eye after that farewell, but then I decided it was time to let myself enjoy these few days of being “off duty”.  And enjoy myself I did!

Touching down in Sydney, I was met at the airport by an old and dear friend.  We then stayed up until the wee hours catching up on our news (on a “school night” for her – oops!).  The next morning I took a pleasant stroll down to the waterfront for breakfast.  On.  My.  Own.  I know right?  I sat at a table, all by myself, drank my coffee, ate my breakfast and even checked the NEWS.  All without a single interruption.  It was pretty amazing.  Then it was off to the Hunter.  I drove up on my own – which I quite enjoyed, having grown up in rural WA I am used to doing lengthy drives solo.  Plus I got to sing along to Nirvana Unplugged and rock out to The Avalanches with no one else to complain about my taste in music or my vocal capabilities!

After arriving at our accommodation for the weekend, the relaxing and bantering with old footy mates began.  And continued.  It was awesome.  And my generous mates got me through a technical pickle when my phone decided not to work for a while – offering their own mobiles so I could Facetime with Mr 3 and hubster.  Sweet.  The next day brought A Day on the Green old skool style with Jebediah, Spiderbait, Something for Kate and You Am I.  All bands that I loved listening to back in the day – #winning!  Proud to say, at 24 weeks pregnant, I was one of the four stayers along with the birthday gal and two other legends.  Last  peeps standing from our group of 29 as You Am I closed out the day with a rocking rendition of Berlin Chair.

Sunday morning rolled around and it was sadly time to farewell friends old and new as I headed back down to Sydney to catch my flight home.  I also managed to squeeze in a delicious lunch catch up at Bills in Surry Hills with my favourite gals from the 2005 DAFF Grad Progam.  Sweet!!

On arrival back into Perth I was greeted with a massive cuddle from Mr 3 and his excited chatter about all the fun things he did with Daddy for the weekend.  I’d say that’s a win all round.

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