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A stitch in time, changes your life!

Well, that might be a teeny exaggeration, but my sewing life changed when I discovered the little old blind stitch, also known as a slip stitch, invisible stitch, ladder stitch…

When I first began my Mushiyaki Sews sewing journey I started with my “Funk-tional” Feed Bibs.  A little later on I started adding to my product offerings with bandana bibs, followed by taggies and playmats.  It was then that I discovered the joys of the blind stitch.  Want to finish off a playmat, close a cushion,  terminate a taggie?  The blind stitch is your best friend!  And the results are fabulous – you just can’t tell where the closure point is.  Hurrah!

Now, I could go on to explain exactly how this level of fabulousness is achieved, but there are already many blogs and how to posts on this delicious stitch out there in web-land already.  Here’s a few to help you get your blind stitch on:

Positively Splendid – this is the one I followed.

By Hand London – for a blind hem stitch – does this stitch know no bounds??

Online Fabric Store – if you prefer a video tutorial

Happy blind stitching!  What’s your favourite stitch discovery?  Please share in the comments below xx

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