********** WE’RE BAAA-AAAACK **********

Oh hey.  So, it’s been a while!  We’re back after an A+ amazing time travelling through various parts of Australia.  Given my blog writing dried up pretty early on in our travels (oops – busy doing, seeing, being, living…), keep an eye out for new stuff on the Mushiyaki Says space.  Moving forward, there may be a few new things on the horizon for Mushiyaki Sews, hang in there!  Meanwhile, there is still some stock in hand – yay!!  So, if you’re looking for some lovely baby bits and bobs – more info on that down in the regular Home Page spiel below xx


Welcome to the Mushiyaki Sews website – handmade with love for your little person!

Mushiyaki Sews is a small handmade business in Perth, Western Australia.  For the story behind Mushiyaki Sews, please click the About link.  Find, like and follow Mushiyaki Sews on Facebook and Instagram too!

For details about the delicious items available from Mushiyaki Sews, please hover over the Products tab in the Menu Bar, then select the product you’d like to know more about!

To peruse the lovelies in stock, hover over the Product Galleries tab in the Menu Bar and select the Gallery you wish to view.  Orders and enquiries can be made by filling in the Contact Form or via PM on Facebook.

To learn a little more about the behind the scenes here at Mushiyaki Sews or just general ramblings on life, check out the Mushiyaki Says tab.

Enjoy! xx